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SPRIng 2024 DowntownFTL
Office, Economy, & Talent. 

Our latest report dives into how Downtown Fort Lauderdale is a rising hub for talent, matching major finance, professional services, and technology hubs across the country. Here are some of the top takeaways.


By The Numbers

  • Downtown Fort Lauderdale is the sole city, in comparison with Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, and Dallas, with declining office vacancy since the peak of the pandemic.

  • Connectivity is driving DowntownFTL’s success with 88% of downtown employees living within 5-miles of their workplace back at the office compared to 57% in Tampa and 45% in Austin.

  • Downtown Fort Lauderdale is driving South Florida's economic growth with a 20% increase in economic output since 2019, outpacing GDP growth in the Nashville and Tampa metro areas.

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