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Hub For Remote Workers and Creatives

June 13, 2023

DowntownFTL is consistently being named as a top hub for both remote workers and creative talent.

Best Cities for Remote Work

Fort Lauderdale was recently named by as the top city in South Florida for remote work.

With more than a dozen co-working locations in DowntownFTL alone, and new high rises that blend the line between living and working, it’s no wonder that we are a destination of choice for remote workers. Building on this momentum, General Provision recently expanded its downtown clubhouse and Industrious secured a new 43,738 square foot space on Las Olas.

Here is how Fort Lauderdale ranks compared to other notable Sun Belt cities:

Fort Lauderdale - 21st

Tampa - 27th

Miami - 34th

Charlotte - 36th

West Palm Beach - 40th

San Diego - 87th

Top U.S. Cities for Creatives

A new report by “breaks down the best cities in the United States in which to find creative jobs.”

  • Fort Lauderdale was named as the 8th most creative city in the United States.

“Fort Lauderdale is a great choice for creatives looking to be part of the next big thing… and its future is bright as a hub for business creativity as well as art and music.” Notably, this study is the second report out in the past year naming Fort Lauderdale as a top destination for creative talent.


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