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DowntownFTL: Reaching New Heights

January 10, 2023

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is reaching new heights. New and planned residential developments are remaking the DowntownFTL skyline, creating a more walkable and connected downtown.

Dive into the latest residential market report to see how DowntownFTL's residential real estate market is evolving.

The residential report highlights 3 key points:

  1. DowntownFTL's residential growth is competitive with peer cities like Austin, Atlanta, Nashville, and Tampa.

  2. DowntownFTL is reaching new heights with new residential developments poised to remake the downtown skyline.

  3. DowntownFTL is entering its next condo boom.

By The Numbers:

  • Over 40 planned residential developments on the way with at least 27 reaching 30 stories or higher.

  • DowntownFTL is as dense and is growing just as quickly as downtowns like Austin, Atlanta, and Nashville.

  • DowntownFTL has built more rental units (5,095) over the past 5 years than Downtown Austin (1,731) and Downtown Atlanta (1,667) combined.

  • With nearly 11K total rental units, Downtown Fort Lauderdale's supply of available housing is closing in on Downtown Miami.

  • 50% of all planned projects are in Flagler Village, DowntownFTL’s fastest growing neighborhood.

Dive deeper into how DowntownFTL is reaching new heights at


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