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Florida's Growing Downtowns

November 14, 2023

Fort Lauderdale has the fastest growing downtown in Florida according to a new study by RentCafe.

By The Numbers: Fort Lauderdale vs Other Top Florida Downtowns

Downtown Fort Lauderdale outperformed every major urban center in Florida based on the number of new apartments units completed over the last 5 years.

Comparison to In-Demand Cities

Downtown Fort Lauderdale ranked 14th in the country for most apartments built since 2018, outpacing the most populous Zip Codes in downtowns such as:

  • Downtown Miami: 17th

  • Downtown Denver: 23rd

  • Downtown Houston: 24th

  • Downtown Tampa: 31st

  • Downtown Orlando: 49th

With a 63% increase in the DowntownFTL population since 2018 and residential density now exceeding some of the most in-demand cities in the Sun Belt, Fort Lauderdale is on the rise.

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