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Hot South Florida Retail and Dining Hubs

December 6, 2022

Las Olas Boulevard is part of a hot group of highly visited South Florida retail and dining destinations. Fort Lauderdale's most iconic street hosted 2 million unique visitors over the past 12 months, double Coconut Grove. Las Olas also sees 500,000 more visitors than The Square in West Palm Beach. These visitor levels, combined with DowntownFTL's residential and employment density, support Las Olas as a vibrant destination for world class retailers to have a presence.

With the opening of Tunnel Top Park, the appeal of Las Olas will continue to grow.

Las Olas is starting to close in on Lincoln Road's annual visitor count. Impressively, Las Olas is seeing 2M visitors annually despite the ongoing construction of Tunnel Top Park at the corner of Las Olas and Federal. With Tunnel Top Park projected to open in early 2023, Las Olas will home to a brand new community gathering space that will further enhance the appeal of the street.


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