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Downtown Megatrends

September 19, 2023

Major cities are consistently exploring the megatrends actively shaping the future. As Downtown Fort Lauderdale continues to grow, what are the biggest trends shaping the future of our city on the rise?


  • Transitioning from a “Central Business District” to a “Central Connectivity District” that blends living, working and entertainment.


  • The expectation of clean, safe, and on-demand transportation options within a dense, compact urban center.


  • A limited supply of available land and the cost of high-rise construction will drive affordability challenges.


  • Higher temperatures and rising tides demand solutions to promote resiliency and enhance livability.


  • Using data and emerging technologies to solve problems, accelerate outcomes and improve efficiency.

What does this mean for the future of Fort Lauderdale and downtowns across the country?

  • Quality of place will be a top factor impacting the attraction of new residents and companies.

  • High quality and well-maintained public spaces and streetscapes will increasingly be viewed as an extension of the home and office.

  • Residents, employees, and visitors will come to expect clean, safe, and on-demand transportation options connecting key neighborhoods.

  • Rising temperatures will enhance the need for more shade along critical pedestrian corridors and popular public spaces.

  • Innovative technologies will enable local governments to use big data to solve major challenges impacting the quality of life in downtowns.

It’s no secret that Downtown Fort Lauderdale is becoming a top-of-mind destination to live, work, and visit. Decades of planning to build this compact, walkable, urban center have led to this moment for our downtown. Our continued growth and success as a community will depend on our collective ability to navigate these megatrends.


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