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Point of Origin: Where Are DowntownFTL Visitors Coming From?

March 28, 2023

Downtown Fort Lauderdale continues to emerge as a top-of-mind destination to visit. As more people experience the unique charm of our city, a common question many wonder is: where are these guests coming from?

Top Out-of-State Zip Codes.

We can answer this question using data provided by and highlight to the exact zip code where our most frequent visitors come from. Notably, the top point-of-origin for out-of-state travelers to DowntownFTL is zip code 10011 representing the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Chelsea is closely followed by the Upper West Side and Brooklyn. Rounding out the top 5 is Manhattan’s Financial District and Marina Del Ray in Los Angeles.

Top Metro Areas.

40% of all out-of-town visitors to DowntownFTL arrive from just six metro areas: New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC.

  • The New York City metro area leads the way and is the point of origin for 20% of all visits to DowntownFTL.

  • Atlanta, due to a large daily supply of flights to FLL, is routinely in the conversation.

  • Emerging points of origin joining this list in recent years include Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

  • Within the summer season, Tampa and Orlando follow New York as the top place visitors are coming to DowntownFTL from.

Dive deeper.

Visit this heat map to zoom in at a more detailed level.


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