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DowntownFTL: Renewed Life Along the Riverwalk

May 16, 2023

The Riverwalk has been a gem that all DowntownFTL residents, employees, and visitors have enjoyed for decades. Nestled along the New River and just steps away from many important downtown amenities, the red brick paved path has long been a major attraction highlighting the natural beauty of DowntownFTL.

Virtually no residents lived along the Riverwalk as recently as the year 2000. Today, the Riverwalk is teeming with life due to the growing DowntownFTL population with a residential density of about 15,000 people per square mile.

As high-rises open and fill with new DowntownFTL residents, once underutilized sections of the Riverwalk are now full of activity. The district that once was the Las Olas Riverfront between the Andrews Avenue bridge and the FEC tracks is a perfect example of how the Riverwalk was reborn with new life.

The transformation of the former Las Olas Riverfront.

This district now is an active mixed-use destination full of amenities anchored by Society Las Olas and 10X Riverwalk. Complemented by spots like The Wharf, Matchbox, Big Buns Burgers, Pura Vida, Rivertail, Bodega, and Vicky Bakery, this district has quickly become an in-demand living, dining, and entertainment hub anchored between the New River and Las Olas Boulevard.

This turnaround likely places the district among the most successful riverfront transformations in the country. With a healthy mix of residential and commercial activity now present, this area is a model for how new investment can bring new energy to waterfront cities.

  • Pedestrian foot traffic along this section of the Riverwalk has tripled over the last five years and increased by more than 60% following the openings of Society Las Olas and 10X Riverwalk.

  • The north side of the Riverwalk between the New River and Las Olas Boulevard alone has seen nearly 2,000 units built over the past five years.

  • Going forward, more than 15 developments projects and about 6K units are planned within a 10-minute walk of the Riverwalk.

This area is redefining living in DowntownFTL and changing the way downtowners interact with the Riverwalk.


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