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The Pulse on DowntownFTL: Living in DowntownFTL

January 17, 2023

Downtown Fort Lauderdale is reaching new heights. The city’s recent growth, at a similar pace as other hot sun belt cities, has created a dynamic downtown experience at the center of the South Florida region.

The Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority's President & CEO, Jenni Morejon, sat down with Jason Amato, one of DowntownFTL’s newest residents, to discuss why he and so many others are choosing to live downtown. Then Ken Krasnow from Colliers South Florida joins the conversation to discuss the evolution of DowntownFTL’s vibrant residential real estate scene and the projects remaking the downtown skyline. Watch this episode of The Pulse on DowntownFTL to hear what they have to say about living in DowntownFTL.

Key Highlights:

From Jason Amato:

On why Jason picked Downtown Fort Lauderdale when relocating from Chicago:

  • "When we were in Chicago, we lived in the West Loop...and we really liked that Fort Lauderdale was like how Chicago used to be in the past. We can walk everywhere and felt this was a mini version of where we used to live with access to restaurants, bars, hotels, and all sorts of amenities."

On what about 100 East Las Olas drove Jason to Downtown Fort Lauderdale:

  • "We love the location. You can get to just about anywhere from here, a train, a restaurant, the airport. Everything is extremely walkable from here. You can work out here, grocery shop here, eat, drink, and can do anything here. We love that we have the ability to not take our car out to go places."

On getting engaged as a new resident:

  • "We knew nobody, but within days of moving in we met so many amazing people and have met some of our closest friends here at 100 East because so many of us are from somewhere else. The people here have been amazing, and everyone is so friendly and it feels like we are still back in the Midwest."

From Ken Krasnow:

On the evolution of downtown:

  • "A number of years ago there were no real high rises downtown and now we a looking at a dozen projects that will be 40 stories or taller. We're talking about a skyline shaping dynamic in the market."

On DowntownFTL's growth compared to peer cities:

  • "It's interesting that will the growth over the last 5 years, we're on par with Downtown Miami for the number of rental units out there."

  • "Our population density, a measure what makes a city a walkable community exceeds places like Austin and Nashville, places synonymous with bustling activity and connectivity."

On creating unique neighborhoods:

  • "Half of the new projects being delivered are in Flagler Village and it’s an interesting dynamic that the evolution of a city needs to have. People go to New York or Chicago, and you think of these various neighborhoods like in New York Murray Hill or Hell's Kitchen. You’re starting to see that take place in Fort Lauderdale."


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