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November 30, 2021

The rapid growth of the DowntownFTL residential population over the past decade is in part driven by the evolution of Fort Lauderdale as a dynamic and vibrant place. DowntownFTL’s blossoming culinary scene, emerging artistic community, and future investments in public spaces like Huizenga Park and Tunnel Top Plaza, are poised to continue to make DowntownFTL a destination of choice compared to peers from across the country.

Walkability is critical to attracting and retaining top talent. Great cities, among other things, share an ability to be easily navigated by foot. While there is still work to be done to improve streetscapes, DowntownFTL ranks as highly walkable compared to peer cities throughout the southeast United States according to Walk Score.

Both the Central Business District and Flagler Village have a Walk Score of 89, which exceeds the most walkable sections of the downtowns in Houston, Nashville, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and San Antonio. This score is equal to or nearly at parity with the downtowns in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, and Miami.

Key Takeaway

DowntownFTL stacks up well compared to its peer throughout the Sun Belt. Downtown workers and residents can feel confident that DowntownFTL is as or is more walkable than any other city in Florida and the southeastern United States. As new investment continues to be realized, DowntownFTL is on the path to provide an even more welcoming walking environment for residents and workers. As downtown walkability continues to improve as new developments come online, residents may become more willing to give up their cars, walk to work, or embrace other mobility options like Brightline.


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