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For more than 50 years, the DDA has facilitated investment and development opportunities in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. In the 1970’s the DDA purchased dozens of acres of blighted and vacant land to stimulate development of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and the Museum of Art. Over the past two decades, the DDA has worked closely with City and County planners to craft land use policy for continued smart growth in the urban core. More than 19,000 residential units, 4.3 million sq. ft. of office, 2.9 million sq. ft. of commercial and 1,200 hotel rooms either exist, are under construction or approved to be built in DowntownFTL. The DDA has recently initiated two pivotal projects that would represent a major commitment by the public sector for the future of DowntownFTL – a new joint City/County government campus, and the redevelopment of a new Federal Courthouse. Both projects are critical for our growing region and would be catalysts for private investment and new businesses.



Efficient, reliable transit is the foundation of every world-class city.  Fort Lauderdale offers seamless connections to the rest of the world by air and sea, with an ecosystem of local and regional mobility options. The new Brightline passenger train service from Miami to West Palm Beach connects the three major downtowns in southeastern Florida, and will ultimately connect DowntownFTL to Orlando and Tampa. The DDA also partners with local and regional transportation agencies to promote bike-sharing, the Sun Trolley and Water Trolley, improve streets and sidewalks, and promote policy and projects that create a more walkable and mobile DowntownFTL.



Making sure residents, employees and visitors have a safe, comfortable and attractive environment is key to the success of a city. The DDA has completed a wide variety of projects that enhance our outdoor spaces and downtown streets. The most recent of these include the completed Riverwalk Connection, which provided the missing link from the shops on Las Olas Boulevard to the rest of the Riverwalk linear park. Other DDA projects over the years have added new street lighting, trees, and public art within DowntownFTL, leveraging federal and state grant funding along the way. Wrapping unsightly utility boxes with photos and murals and hanging a magical curtain of lights over SW 2 Street are other ways the DDA has improved the fabric of DowntownFTL. Future projects will focus on enhancing areas left behind to connect emerging districts, beautify streets and increase foot traffic to support the growing number of Downtown businesses.

Zebra Crossing
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FatVillage Art Walk



The strength of a city lies less in the number of high rises that dot the skyline and more in the connected fabric of its people. From elected leaders to business owners to neighbors and tourists, DowntownFTL is place for all and a place built by all. Opportunities abound for the community to come together, from artwalks, to rooftop bars, to corporate meeting rooms. The strong partnerships DDA has with local government, not-for-profits and businesses and neighborhoods contributes to the strong sense of community in DowntownFTL. As our metropolitan community grows, the DDA embraces and celebrates all who have made DowntownFTL what it is and what it will become.