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By the Numbers: The Evolution of Las Olas

June 24, 2022

Las Olas Boulevard has evolved into a vibrant destination for residents, downtown workers, and tourists. The destination has annual visitation of about 3.4 million people according to, a 29% increase since 2017.

As the DowntownFTL population has evolved and new hotels have opened in the urban core, the type of visitor to Las Olas has changed. Since 2017, the DowntownFTL population has increased by about 5,000 people, a 31% increase. Over this period of time Las Olas experienced a 27% increase in visits from downtown residents, highlighting the street's vitality, convenience, and appeal to locals.

DowntownFTL is increasingly becoming the center of the visitor experience due to the construction of new hotels in the urban and elevated restaurant scene. Las Olas is a prime beneficiary of this trend, seeing a 53% increase in visits from tourists since 2017.

Traditionally Las Olas has served its role as destination location for Broward County residents. That remains true today given that 53% of all visitors (at least 1 time per month) come from within the county.

Las Olas is not solely reliant on foot traffic from specific neighborhoods. Its visitation has diversified between downtown residents, city residents, county residents, and out-of-town tourists.


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