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DowntownFTL's Population Trends

February 4, 2022

The DDA recently updated its online dashboard that highlights current indicators and long-term trends that show that DowntownFTL is on the move. Based on data from the end of 2021, the updated dashboard shows how DowntownFTL has evolved throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

DowntownFTL is on the move, gaining over 3,000 residents since the start of the pandemic.

Growth is projected to be robust, with total population approaching 30,000 by 2026.

The urban core has a population density similar to major cities throughout the southern United States like Atlanta and Austin.

55% of DowntownFTL residents above the age of 25 have a bachelors or higher.

The full DowntownFTL Dashboard can be viewed at:


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