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DowntownFTL Public Space Renaissance

October 3, 2023

It’s often said that public spaces are the heart and soul of communities and that parks are major amenities that enhance the livability of growing cities. Guided by this belief and inspired by a wave of new parks in growing downtowns across the country, DowntownFTL residents, employees, and visitors will soon be able to enjoy 4 new or improved spaces.

Led by Holiday Park, Huizenga Park, Tunnel Top Park, and Arts Park, over $100 million of new park investments into Fort Lauderdale’s urban core are planned or underway. These investments are a key part of a citywide public space renaissance with $350 million of new park spending underway throughout Fort Lauderdale.

Why Does This Matter For Downtown Fort Lauderdale’s Future?

Our growth has put a premium on outdoor amenities and the importance of highly activated gathering spaces that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

  • The DowntownFTL population now exceeds 26,000 residents and has doubled over the past decade.

  • There has been an 85% increase in kids living downtown and a 65% increase in young professionals since 2018.

  • 12 developments are currently under construction and more than 36 are approved or under review.

Learning From Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas is a prime example of how communities are coming together to build a network of world-class urban parks. The Dallas-Forth Worth metro area is the fastest growing region in the country and Downtown Dallas is experiencing significant growth. Dallas is creating four priority parks through a mix of public and private funding to create a vibrant and connected downtown.

Pacific Plaza, Downtown Dallas

The City of Dallas and its partners are investing $90 million in their downtown public spaces. Three new parks have opened since 2019 with one more on the way.

The development of Downtown Dallas’ four priority parks is led by Parks for Downtown Dallas (recently renamed as the Downtown Dallas Park Conservancy), a 501c3 charged with developing a sustainable model for improving and expanding Downtown Dallas parks over the long-term.

These new park investments complement the success of signature spaces like Klyde Warren Park in creating a high-quality network of public spaces in Dallas. As Fort Lauderdale and other growing downtowns ramp up major park investments, Downtown Dallas is a great example to learn from.


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